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    Unanswered: need programmer

    I do not know if this is the appropriate place to make this post. If not, please direct me where to place this.

    We currently have an access database which is utilized online. We have a programmer who designed the db and also helps maintain and improve the db. However, as he only does this part time he is unable to keep up with our needs. Thus, we are looking for an additional programmer to assist.

    We really need someone who does this full time and is available on a daily basis (if necessary as in the case where there is a problem). In addition to being an expert in access, this individual should have a working knowledge of front page. Also, the next improvement we are working on encompasses the following:

    We would like to create report or a process wherein data in existing fields is automatically inserted into specific points on existing PDF and word documents. Thus, this individual must have the expertise to accomplish such a process.

    Any interested parties may email me back.


    Furthermore, what is a good resource for locating qualified database programmers?

    Thank you.
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    look here to post your project.

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