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    Unanswered: Intergrating with outlook?

    I would like to use a recordset to add something like a table dataview to an outlook email. The record set would have a cbo that would look up from another rs. when i get the emails back i would like to import the data to access. Is this possible? right now i am cutting and pasting to an an excel file attaching the file and then when i get the email back i am
    cuting and pasting from the excel file back into the db.

    The excel file has a few rows at the top for approval and commenting, so its not simple to import into access.

    Help is greatly appreciated


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    Re: Intergrating with outlook?

    Otlook is an Office application that can work as an OLE server. In plain words, it can be programmed and used in other Office applications from VBA code. You may not have all Outlook functionality available, but it is certainly possible to read Outlook data from Access (or any other Office application).

    As I never use Outlook, I am not familiar with its programming model, that is, what properties and methods it exposes to the outside world, so I can't help you with any code example. But it shouldn't be a problem to find something useful on the Net.

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