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    Unanswered: https post & get - IMPORTANT QUESTION

    we are working on a project , that involves an ecommerce site, where in there are 2 stages/ 2 websites.

    The first website, the customer can place the order , update his shopping cart & it caluclates the total to be paid, however, this information(order details & shipping informatino) needs to be transferred/posted to another website(fuilfillement center, wearhouse or this is where the merchant account ) , where he will have to enter his credit card info & if there is confirmation or rejection, i would need to get back some values for storage.

    How can this be acheived ?

    where can i find more documentation on Getting this done ?

    if there are any examples please , ecommerce gurus let me know ? I am not a programmer, but a project manager


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    Send the appropriate info from the first site to the second using a simple HTTP POST. If you're sending sensitive data like credit card numbers, this should also be done on secure SSL pages.

    Retrieve the data on the second site using simple request.form() statements....

    Send result info back the first site... same as above.

    This is basic stuff that can be found in most any intro to ASP books. Check out for several articles and techniques that can help you.


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