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    Unhappy Unanswered: How to query an image column

    I am facing a problem while working on a Full-Text Search with MS SQL Server.

    The problem is briefed below:

    IN PUBS database, I have a table called pub_info where LOGO is a column of image data type. I am able to load any type of documents in the LOGO Column and retrieve the same as well using ADO Stream object. And it is working fine.

    I have created FULL-TEXT index and catalogs on this table on the LOGO Column. I have also crated a new column with CHAR(4) datatype which acts as a binding column which serves the purpose of holding the document type like .doc, .xls, .ppt etc. I know I can use IFilter to create filters for other third party document types but havent given a try.

    Now, my main issue is to query rows based on some keywords which I need SQL Server to find within the BLOB contents of the LOGO Column. (Something like - select * from pub_info where CONTAINS(Logo, 'Keyword'). Is it possible to search a document by its contents by this method?

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