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    Red face Unanswered: Table in designmode and listbox via query


    I want do design my tables in such a way, that most of the functionallity is
    in the tabel and not on a form or via vba.

    How can I in designmode of a table query for the listbox's data using a
    specific field in the row, where the listbox is "openen".

    An example:

    Name Age EqualAge
    A 20
    B 20
    C 20
    D 21
    E 21
    F 21
    G 21
    H 22
    I 22
    J 22

    When I'm standing in the 'Name=E' row and clicking on the listbox of
    "EqualAge", I want a list containing the entries: D,E,F,G.

    How do I use the 'Age' of the row, where the listbox is?

    Something like this, or what:

    SELECT Name FROM tbl_test WHERE this.Age=Age

    Hope you understand my problem.... Please remeber, that I want the Query to
    work in designmode of the table.

    Martin Jørgensen, Denmark

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    As long as the form is in run mode, this will work:

    SELECT Name FROM tbl_test WHERE tbl_test.Age=Forms!frm_Test!Age;

    And Form_OnCurrent of the form you will need to add the following vba code:


    As long as you are requiring the query to be based on a certain record as chosen by using a form, I don't know how to get it to run in design view.

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