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    Unhappy Unanswered: Analysis Service is slowing down the server


    I am facing the following problem on SQL2K.

    When I start the service the server slows down and users start complaining that generation of reports based on system (i.e. databases) that are hosted on the same server have REALLY slowed down... and thus I have to stop the service...

    Can some please guide me regarding how to solve this problem and how I can be able to use the Analysis service.

    Many thanks in advance for you kind help.

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    It would make sense to :

    (1) Ensure the tables Analysis Services are querying have good indexes on them - use profiler & Index Tuner wizrd to check

    (2) RUn the queries after hours to reduce competion on resources

    (3) Check perfmon and see if the box is under powered for what you are trying to do

    (4) Maybe find another server and copy the database to it & run analysis services on that - that way no-one will ever complain and it may be quicker for oyu.



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