I have a button on a data entry/data view form which opens internet explorer and goes to a hyperlink. I have used the FollowHyperlink method to do so.

What I want it to do is open up in a new window, which is does.

I am using the following syntax:

Application.FollowHyperlink "http://www.gohere.com", , true, false

Here is the problem I have:
I am on the form viewing a record or entering a new one. I click on the HyperLink button, which opens up internet explorer in a window by itsef. But, if I click on the back button in internet explorer, it brings be back to my access form, but with a new blank record.

What I would like is to not be able to press on the back button in the new internet explorer window. That is why I had set the argument AddToHistory to false, thinking it would work.

Does anybody have any suggestions?