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    Unanswered: Overwrite Excel spreadsheet


    I have a DTS package that imports a file with data,
    performs several checks,
    puts all invalid rows in a table,
    exports the table to a excel spreadsheet.

    My problem is that it appends the data every time. I want it to overwrite the existing spreadsheet. I can't find any option for that.

    I use the "Transform Data Task" to do this.

    Any suggestions?

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    Do an EXECUTE PROCESS Task and supply a DELETE Command...

    But I didn't think it did an append....

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    Re: Overwrite Excel spreadsheet

    I had the same problem this week. I made a template of the excel sheet, selected the columns needed and created a named range on the excel sheet, and added it as a linked server. Once it's linked like this you can treat the named range like a table and use a delete from statement to clear the sheet.

    Run this command from QA to make the excel sheet a linked server, 'excelsource' can be any name you want to give the connection.

    sp_addlinkedserver 'excelsource', 'jet 4.0', 'Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0',
    'c:\temp\filename.xls', null, 'excel 5.0'

    If the named range on the excel sheet is also named excelsource use

    delete from excelsource...excelsource

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