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    Question Unanswered: Problem in showing photos on form and report

    I want to show photos on a form and a report..

    My present setup is as follows
    I have been saving the photos in a separate folder on network. The main table in my database contain a column named photos which is set as hyperlink. On the form user enters a text in this field and then by right clicking over it, link it to the relevant photo.

    So whenever you are on this record on form, you click on the hyperlink and it opens the photo.

    What I want to do is to display the photo on form and also on report as well.

    I have studied and searched for it and what I have understood is that it is only possible if you have a text field in a table where paths of photos is stored.

    But as I have got a different system, is there a way where I can do it? I cannot store photos in a table because of their huge quantity.


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    You have to at least store the path. The report needs to know where to find the photo.

    Another way is to embed the picture, but then you are locked into one picture...

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