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    Unanswered: oracle certification

    Hello everyone. Im a sql dba and want to start learning Oracle. Any tips/ advice from anyone who has already done this would be greatly appreciated. Some questions that Ive got are:

    Good books for learning the product? Good books for passing the tests? How crucial is it for me to learn Oracle on Unix instead of WIN2K?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I think it is very important to learn Oracle on Unix (solaris or Linux). Knowing Oracle on Windows is ok, but most companies (others out there correct me if I am wrong) use Oracle on a Unix type server.

    I like the Oracle Press books. I have heard that Tom Kite has some good books. Most of the books out there are for reference and not for passing the test.

    Who out there has taken the OCP and passed? Any good books? or would you recommend the Oracle classes? I know for 9i you have to take at least one class from Oracle.
    Michellea Southern-David

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