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    Unanswered: Splitting up zipcode

    I have an access db with a column zipcode I want to split up:

    3022 EB

    Now I would like to create 2 separate colums. 1 will have the first 4 digits and the 2nd column will get the last 2 letters.

    It is always 4 digits and 2 letters with.

    How can I split them?

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    use the split function - which will create an array

    when you wrote
    3022 EB -- is there a space or did you display that for easy reading
    if there is a space then do the following

    NewZip = split(zipcode)
    By doing this it splits zipcode by space,
    NewZip(0) will equal 3022
    NewZip(1) will equal EB

    else if there is no space and you know you want first four chars then
    NewZip4 = left(zipcode,4)
    NewZip2 = right(zipcode,2)
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