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    Unanswered: Cache problem - urgent

    Hi All,

    I am a new administrator, and having problem with config file option.
    After installing ASE 12.5 on NT SERVER I see 2 portions there in config file.

    [Named Cache:defaul datacache]
    cache size = 2M

    [Named Cache:default]
    cache size = 2M

    can anyone tell me whats the difference bwt default data cache and
    defult cache,

    also if I increase value of cache size from 2 to 15 in [Named Cache:default] , server takes too log to rever after restart


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    Hello Perl,

    I use ASE 12.0 on a unix platform but lets see if I can help.

    the default data cache is the cache that the ASE will use when you start it. This cache will be used by all object without a named cache.

    You should definitely increase the default data cache, depending on the RAM of your server, I would say, start with 50mb at least.

    I think the default cache is a predefined cache which you can bind to an object in your database. This cache size should always be a lot smaller then your default data cache.


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