I need to set the DestinationObjectName property in a task named DTSTask_DTSDataPumpTask_1. I've found DestinationObjectName all over the Internet but in the .Net samples I've seen they are very complex and all I'm doing is a bulk insert via DTS. What I've found is that I need to create a custom task but the task is already created named DTSTask_DTSDataPumpTask_1. Here is my entire DTS function. Any suggestions on shortening this code would be great also. Thanks...
Here is what I need...
 myCustomTask1.DestinationObjectName = "[LEAAccounting].[dbo].[" & RawTableName & "]"
Here is what I have...
    Private Function RunDTS() As Boolean
            ' Create an instance of a new Package object
            Dim myPkg As New Microsoft.SQLServer.DTSPkg80.PackageClass

            'DTS junk
            stringTemp = "dim SINK"
            Dim cpContainer As UCOMIConnectionPointContainer
            cpContainer = CType(myPkg, UCOMIConnectionPointContainer)
            stringTemp = "dim point"
            Dim cpPoint As UCOMIConnectionPoint
            stringTemp = "dim Pes"
            Dim PES As PackageEventsSink
            PES = New PackageEventsSink
            stringTemp = "dim guid"
            Dim guid As Guid = _
                New Guid("10020605-EB1C-11CF-AE6E-00AA004A34D5")
            cpContainer.FindConnectionPoint(guid, cpPoint)
            Dim intCookie As Integer
            cpPoint.Advise(PES, intCookie)
            'End - set up events sink

            Dim myDTSFlags As DTSSQLServerStorageFlags
            myDTSFlags = New DTSSQLServerStorageFlags
            Dim dtsFilename, packageID, versionID, nameDTS As String
            Dim password, serverUser, serverName As String
            Dim pVarPersustStgOfHost As Object
            pVarPersustStgOfHost = New Object
            Dim myConnection As Connection2

            'Set DTS variables and get parameters from an XML file
            dtsFilename = UnprocessedPath & filename
            password = XMLConfigFile.getValue(XMLFilePath, "Server", "Password")
            serverUser = XMLConfigFile.getValue(XMLFilePath, "Server", "User")
            serverName = XMLConfigFile.getValue(XMLFilePath, "Server", "ServerName")
            packageID = ""
            versionID = ""
            nameDTS = "DTS_RawLeaAccounting_Actual"

            pVarPersustStgOfHost = Nothing

            ' Load the package from server
            myPkg.LoadFromSQLServer(serverName, serverUser, password, myDTSFlags.DTSSQLStgFlag_Default, "", "", "", nameDTS, pVarPersustStgOfHost)

            ' Set the source filename
            myPkg = myPkg.Parent()
            myConnection = myPkg.Connections.Item("Text File (Source)")
            myConnection.DataSource = dtsFilename
            myConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 300

            ' Execute the package

            ' Destroy the execution state

            myPkg = Nothing

            'commented because not package events
            cpPoint = Nothing
            cpContainer = Nothing
            PES = Nothing

            mblnIsDirty = MessageLogger.MessageLog("SAVE-Application", "RunDTS", SystemCode, "Successfully processed " & SystemCode & "!")
            Return True

        Catch ex As Exception
            mblnIsDirty = ErrorLogger.ErrorLog(Err, "SAVE-Application", "RunDTS", SystemCode, "", "")
            Return False
        End Try

    End Function