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    Exclamation Unanswered: SQL access problems over Terminal Services

    Ok, here we go..please bear with me Im a beginner here.

    We have a strange problem - We have 2 Servers, Server1 is a Terminal Server and Server 2 is a SQL server. We also have a piece of VB software that derives information from our SQL databases. This is how it is all set-up and how it SHOULD work >

    - Terminal Services clients connect to the Terminal Server
    - The Terminal Server has VB Software installed along with the appropriate ODBC/DSN links that link on to Server2 (SQL Server)
    - The users can then access the database via the software

    We also have users connecting via 'thick client' ie NOT via Terminal Services client < Now these users can connect with no problems whatsoever. However the users connecting via Terminal Services CANNOT access properly and we get access denied error messages etc when trying to use the application. The ONLY thing that lets the Terminal Services users access the system is if I add those particular users to the Domain Admins group via AD Users & Computers - obviously this is NOT good. does 'anyone' know of 'anything' I can do to diagnose this problem ?... is this a 'known' type of issue when trying to access SQL over terminal services and are there any simple workarounds

    I installed the VB application on the Terminal Server in 'Application Install' mode on the Terminal Server and then switched back to 'Apllication Execute' I don't think this could be the problem

    ANY help at all would be fantastic

    many many thanks in advance guys

    cheers - Craig

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    I'd create an AD domain group & add it to the SQL Server. Then make sure that group has been put in db_datareader database role - this will guarantee access to the required database.

    Then once this is setup, in theory, you should be able to connect to ( read from ) the database on the SQL Server. As long as the domain account you normally use via terminal services is in the newly created AD domain group, all should just work.

    Post back if probs.



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    Smile thanks

    Thanks matey - I'll try this out - will let you know how I get on

    cheers for that


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