Background: Access 2002, WindowsXP, Groupwise 5.5

Would like form button to open GW email window with Acces form field populating "to" in email. Using:

Dim strToWhom As String
Dim strMsgBody As String
strToWhom = [Forms]![frmstudents]![StudentEMail].Value
strMsgBody = [Forms]![frmstudents]![StudentStreetAddress].Value
DoCmd.SendObject , , , strToWhom, strToWhom, , "tada", strMsgBody

However, the to and message body is always blank. I can put the contents of strToWhom in the subject line (correctly), but if I attempt the to or body, it always comes up blank.

Any way to do this? Would prefer not to use something that "sends" the email in outside wrapper because clients wants to edit email in email window.

Any help appreciated....