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Thread: database design

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    database design

    i need to load daily records of around 5 million into the oracle database, so now i am trying to come up with a simple design for efficient search queries, the data for each row can be quite diff sometimes as they are actually call details, like the phonenumber, called number, timestamp and stuff, since there is the case.. i'm not sure actually if i just a single table to store of all them? as i don see the need to normalise..
    so how shd the design be like then?

    thank you

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    well, i guess it depends what the different types of data are and what sort of queries you're going to run. Here's an idea -

    Index#, ContactType, AgentID, Caller/CustID, ReasonID< DispostionID

    ContactTypeTable (OutboundCall, InboundCall, ACDCall, PaperProcessing, InboundE-Mail,Outbound E-Mail, InboundLetter, etc.),

    AgentID (link to employee table)

    CallerID - link to caller or customer table

    (ReasonID, text reason - why was the call placed?
    (claims, billing, coverage, sales, misc. - from 5 to 500 reasons)

    DispID, textDsipositon - what did the agent do
    (resolve, refer to manager, refer toanother office, send for research, arrange for a callback)

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