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    Unanswered: UltraLite on Palm with MobileVB

    hello ive coded a testApp for the palm (Vx)

    i used mobileVB and UltraLite for mobileVB
    all works well when testing it in the devEnvironment
    but when i deploy it on the palmDevice i get
    following error "SQLE_INVALID_PARAMETER"
    i assume its because there is missing one of the following
    1. the .usm file (schemafile) and/or
    2. the .udb file (my database file)

    i tried both, the usm and/or the udb, to add them
    as proj dependency in mobileVB settings, the
    resulting prc file gets bigger but i think none of them
    get on the palm,
    is there a solution within mobileVB? or any?
    has someone a clue im really out of them.

    thanks, charles woodhill

    some code i use to open/create the db:
    the app path on the device is ""

    Private Sub btnOpen_Click()

    Dim ConnParams As String
    Dim OpenParams As String
    Dim SchemaParams As String
    Dim AppPath As String

    #If appforge Then
    AppPath = App.Path & "\"
    MsgBox "using app.path"
    #End If

    ConnParams = "UID=DBA;PWD=SQL" ';CON=custdbConn
    OpenParams = ConnParams & ";" & "PALM_DB=DBTE;FILE_NAME=" & AppPath & "sdata.udb;CE_FILE=data\sdata.udb" '
    SchemaParams = OpenParams & ";" & "PALM_SCHEMA=testdb;SCHEMA_FILE=" & AppPath & "testdb.usm;CE_SCHEMA=testdb.usm"

    On Error Resume Next
    Set DbMan = New ULDatabaseManager

    Set DbConnection = DbMan.OpenConnection(OpenParams)
    If Err.Number = ULSQLCode.ulSQLE_DATABASE_NOT_FOUND Then
    Set DbConnection = DbMan.CreateDatabase(SchemaParams)
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    MsgBox Err.Description
    End If
    End If
    End Sub

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    hehe got it myself,
    u have to convert it to a .pdb file with the schema painter
    then deploy this file as schemafile

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