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    Red face Unanswered: Help with command line arguments!

    Here's what I have so far. Yes, yes, I know. CSH. I MUST use it however.


    #!/bin/csh -f

    set params = $argv[1-]
    set argc = $#argv
    set lsval = `ls`
    set title = "File Index"

    #defines head
    echo "<html>"
    echo "<head>"
    echo "<title>"
    echo "$title"
    echo "</title>"
    echo "</head>"
    echo "<body>"
    echo "<h1>"
    echo "$title"
    echo "</h1>"
    echo "<hr>"
    echo "<table>"

    #begin loop
    set var = `ls`
    foreach a($var)

    echo "<tr>"
    echo "<td>"
    echo "<pre>"

    echo " $a "

    echo "</pre>"

    echo "</td>"

    echo "</tr>"

    #loop end

    #defines bodyend
    echo "</table>"
    echo "<hr>"
    echo "<address>"
    echo "Generated by $USER@`hostname` from $HOME"
    echo "</address>"


    The problem I have now, is that I don't know how to 'scan' the argument list stored in argv. Ideally, I want the program to be run

    uprompt> ./htx2 *.html > index.html

    So this means whatever the extension is , say *.c *.h, the script will find it in argv, and place it in var, so var = `ls *.html` say. Then only files with the html extension will be listed in the html file.

    How can I do this. I've tried and cannot seem to get it. The users input, *.html, or *.c or whatever (including multiple wildcards), can occur anywhere in the argv line. So it could follow other switches, whatever. How can I scan the line, and pass the search term to ls?
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    But you don't need to parse the command line and expand wildcards yourself. The shell does it for you. If users run your script with

    ./htx2 *.html > index.html

    then your $argv will contain a list of all the html files, not the string "*.html". Was this what you were looking for? Maybe I misunderstood your question.

    And why on earth do you need to use csh?


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    Re: Help with command line arguments!

    How does this work for ya:

    set title = "File Index"

    #defines head
    cat - <<HEADER

    #begin loop
    foreach a($*)

    The rest is straightforward.

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