I am using SQL Server 2000. I have created a number of DTS packages to export the logins from various databases from one server to another. I have also created some agent jobs to trigger these DTS packages to execute.

Both the DTS packages and jobs are almost identical. All but one of them run successfully. This error appears in the job history:

Executed as user: UUSD\#sqladmin. DTSRun: Loading... Error: -2147220460 (80040414); Provider Error: 0 (0) Error string: Cannot find specified package in the storage location specified. Error source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package Help file: sqldts80.hlp Help context: 713. Process Exit Code 1. The step failed.

The #sqladmin account is a domain account with admin privelages on both the server boxes. It is also the account used to start the SQL and Agent services.

I've been searching a lot and have found some stuff on permissions. From what i can see, permissions should not be a problem as the other jobs run fine.

I hope someone can help.

Sorry if this problem has been posted before.