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    Unanswered: DB2 on OS/390 certification

    I work on DB2 on OS/390 and I've cleared 2 of the certifications, viz DB2 UDB v6.1/v7.1 User (512) and DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for OS/390 (516).

    I wanted to do some more further certifications in DB2 for OS/390 because I found the certifications really helpful in amassing knowledge. But I guess the buck stops here ! It seems there are no more certifications for the mainframe platform. Everything else seems to be for Linux, Unix, Windows and OS/2.

    For want of a better certification, I thought of taking up 514 (Application Developer) which is as close as I can get without getting involved with other platforms. What I want to know is, are there any other certifications after 516 ? for MVS/ OS/390 / z/OS? if so, do let me know..

    I also wanna say that I am not taking certifications just for the sake of doing it. By the time I study and pass an exam, I usually am better off technically than before. That's why..

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    Re: DB2 on OS/390 certification

    Keep up the spirit ...

    App Dev Certification is the closest one .. This certification is not confined to LUW platforms, rather it is 'DB2 Family' ...

    I'm sure you will know that IBM is trying to thin down differences between Os/390 and LUW app development ...

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    IBM has announced DB2 for z/OS version 8 (not shipping yet). There will be no DB2 version 8 for OS/390, which apparently is being discontinued as an OS. So I assume there will be a DBA exam for DB2 version 8 for z/OS available at sometime in the future.

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