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    Unanswered: Tab Control scrolling out of screen


    I have a Tab control in a From. The Tab Pages have subforms. When I open the main form, it scrolls automatically, so that the names of tab pages are outside the visible area. As if it would try to center itself around one of the subforms on the Tab Page. ON a smaller screen, it is really annoying. I've tried various settings on the design of forms used on table (Can Grow, Can Shrink) , without success. Any hint ?

    A different problem is sizing subforms. They are either too small, or too large, when I open the main Form on different computers. With other tools ( PB, VB ) I wrote scripts in the "resize" event, to make the sub-form adjust itself to the size of the parent. What would be the best event to use in Access ? On the subform or the main form ?


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    Tab Control scrolling out of screen

    Have you got solution to your problem ?. I am having exact same issue and i must have tried so many thing but no success. Please let me know if you have any success on this issue

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    This topic is like 6 years old. Don't be surprised if Andrew doesn't respond.

    The basic answer is to make the subforms (and the tab control) depth shorter.

    The advanced answer is to interrogate the screen resolution and use code to resize the objects on your form -- aka lots of code.
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