I want to synchronize my data in PocketPC application Via ActiveSync.
Now we are doing it from the application itself.On following the step in the SQL AnywhereStudio help i encountered few problems.
1)our application is window based and for assigning class name for application we need a dialog which will not close throughout the application. Here we use a window which is open thorugh out the application and not a dialog.
2) If we are using activesync, is it a must to use dbmlsync.

3) when i run the dbmlsync in commandline , it failed saying 'No synchronization subscription found in the database'

4)After installing the Mobilink Provider for Activesync, i went to the activesync software and went to options. there i found an entry as DataBaseApp with mobilink icon. But after selecting that, the settings button is not enabled, so that i was not able to proceed with the rest of the steps narrated in the help. Is it becos, there is no application with classname assigned?

Thanks a lot in advance