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    Unanswered: Many to One Data Migration

    I want to move (copy + delete) data collected on many (~100) identitcal systems into one worker repository. The records all have UNIQUEIDENTIFIER primary keys. I need this as automated as possible so that when I make table changes or transfer changes, I don't need to constantly update all 100+ worker systems.

    I currently have a DTS job on each worker. I can script the copy of the DTS job so that DTS updates are fairly easy to automatically propagate. However, I'd like a more automated and centralized method.

    Replication jumpts to mind but wouldn't I have to individually configure a publication on each worker system and manually update that publication when necessary?

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    you discussing 2 things...Data and Objects

    1st you want to centralize data...why not just use a sproc?

    2nd you need to propogate object changes...I'd think I'd use a sproc as well...

    Both a scheduled jobs...

    3rd...why do you have 100+ instances of sql server?


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    Use a sproc? How do you transfer data across a network via just a stored procedure? AFAIK, you need DTS or replication or a programmatic SELECT/INSERT (which would be too slow).

    Currently, I use many stored procedures for many things. The DTS package uses a few internally.

    I don't see how this issue can be resolved with a stored procedure.

    Thanks for replying.

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