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    Post Unanswered: Foxpro 2.6 Index files get corrupted

    Hello everybody

    we have a problem with Foxpro 2.6 Index Files.

    The application was running fine for a long time but suddenly the index files on one of the tables gets corrupted when I just touch them...

    This happens only to older records (like one month old) if I copy the record and work on the copy everything is fine.

    It looks like the index file is corrpupt even before it gets obvious to the user (record appears doubled). Querys involving this record fail. The record seems to be fine if I open it with VFP6 and browse it with the according index.
    If I check it parallel in the application and touch the record from there the index gets corrupted imediatly.

    Does anybody know what might cause this behaviour or has anybody discovered something similar?

    I appreciate any hints...


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    Re: Foxpro 2.6 Index files get corrupted

    There can be a lot of reasons for this, including network card drivers, opportunistic locking/caching on the server, Novell client ... it's always something environmental.

    Have you tried destroying the indexes (DELETE TAG ALL) and recreating them as opposed to just a reindex ??

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