Hi All-
I am using the following code to compile an MDB file to MDE format programmatically. The following code works very well, but since all of our databases are secured, login is requested everytime the program executes to compile an mdb. Does anyone know a way to either pass the username and password to the new instance of access or at least how to automate the login so that the user does not have to type the username and password for every database that he/she compiles?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Here is my code:

Dim objAccessApp As Access.Application
Set objAccessApp = New Access.Application

objAccessApp.SysCmd 603, strPath & "\TMPmde\TMP.mdb", strPath & "\TMPmde\TMP.mde"

Set objAccessApp = Nothing

PS SysCmd 603 is an undocumented method, but works very well for compiling an open database which is what I need to do.