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    Red face Unanswered: Weird ORA-01400 error? Little help?

    All right, so where I work we're running Oracle 9i on a Linux server. We have this annoying frustrating software known as Teleform. Teleform takes hard copy forms, converts them to digital, then pushes them out to a database. Well, it's all automated of course because it sucks. Anyway, I run my forms through, get everything set up to commit to the database and then when I try to commit, I get the following error,

    [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]-ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("TELEFORM"."PATIENT"."PATIENTID")

    Now, yes, patientid is a PK and it can not be left null. To make sure that it isn't being left null, I've made sure through teleform verifier that all the data is there before I try to commit. After that first error pops up, it is followed by a second error, a third error, etc for every table in the DB. (patientid is a PFK in every table in the database.)

    Okay, I KNOW that data is set up to be submitted for patientid and no, patientid can't be null, and from everything i'm inserting, it isn't null... I do not have any triggers on Patient. I do have one table designed for triggers specifically, but according to Jdev all my triggers are compiled and work fine... Also, they work fine on my manual inserts... Just some FYI... I have no clue where I'm getting this error from, cuz none of my NOT NULL columns are being left null, they ALL have data to be inserted. Any suggestions, PLEASE! Thank you very much!
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