We currently use ODBC to access a DB2 UDB7/8 database. However we
would like to know if there is any other API (or approach) that is
faster than ODBC, such as Embedded Dynamic SQL, or CLI or any other
native API (if such thing exists).

Regarding Embedded Dynamic SQL: in terms of functionality, does it provide
at least the ODBC functionality ?

Regarding CLI and Embedded Dynamic SQL: are they faster than ODBC and, if so,
how much faster (roughly speaking) ?

Native API: I learnt that there is a DB2 native API but it seems that is
supposed to be used only for special tasks, e.g. database backup & recovery.
If this is the case, then it's not a replacement solution for ODBC because of its
limited functionality. If this is not the case, then, again, what is the
performance of such native API compared with ODBC ?

Note: to be more explicit, when I mention native API, I am reffering to
native APIs such as OCI for Oracle or Open Client for Sybase.

Thank you