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    Unanswered: username prompt appears for all mdb files


    I have two problems regarding the workgroup administrator.

    I am using Access 2002 and created a mdw file with users and groups for database1.mdb. I can login ok to database1, but when I open database2, which isn't supposed to use the mdw file, I still get prompted for my username and password. To get rid of this prompt and get into database2, I have to rejoin system.mdw. Is there a way that I can tell Access to use my newly created mdw only with a certain database?

    Also, when users don't join my mdw file, they can open database1 and login under the admin user as the default. I know I can strip the admin of permissions, but now users can't do anything since they are not logged in as themselves. It would be better if whenever opening database1, it prompts for a username and password. Is this solution possible?

    I don't want to use a database password because users will have to enter two passwords, which is secure, but not needed for this database.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: username prompt appears for all mdb files

    You can use command line options...

    Locate the system.mdw file somewhere other than your windows system directory...

    create a shortcut to your secured database:

    ie... [yourdbfilepath] & [yourdbfilename] /wrkgrp [yourmdwfilepath] & [yourmdwfilename]

    for assistance in Startup command-line for "Startup command-line options" in Access Help...

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    hey tiggernyc,

    That works great! Thanks for your help!


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