Could anyone please show me step-by-step from the very beginning on how to use PHP/PEAR:DB and generic, non-proprietary SQL statements to do this?

Thank you so much.

I have a table called Entity_tbl which has two fields : Entity and SerialNumber (Primary Key, unique) ...

1st Update:: This entity called E21 has been renamed to E25 on 10/01/03

2nd Update:: E25 (then E21) has been renamed to E30 on 10/31/03

I want to determine/verify any changes that has been recently made since the last update... for every row in the table.. whether it has been updated, added, or deleted...

If new changes has been made since the last update, it will automatically send an email notification to a group of users. The user's email addresses are stored in a table called Email_tbl... And the body of the email message reflects the changes made since the last update... here's an example:

Example:: Body of message >> Machine E21 has been DELETED from the db... or perhaps Machine E21 has been RENAMED to E22 ... etc.)