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    Unanswered: How to test oracle database backup

    Hi Experts,

    I have a backup.How can i make sure that, the backup is able to restore and recover my database.How to test that backup in testdatbase?,Because each backup has its own DBID so how can i use it in other database.

    Please explain me.



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    very good idea, testing the backup by restoring it.
    One way could be by creating an instance/database on the testmachine which ha the same name as the backedup database. In that case u don't have to other things, that in real life don't need te be done.
    On the other hand, what kind of backup do you have? How do u backup the datbase. What files are backed up ?

    Hope this helps.
    Edwin van Hattem
    OCP DBA / System analyst

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