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    Unanswered: Paradox and Chinese

    I'm currently developping a database which has some fields containing chinese characters.
    To be able to see these characters, I have to set the language driver of the table to "paradox china 136". But I didn't yet changed the BdE configuration (setting the Paradox driver to Paradox China 936 and the Configuration/System/INIT/Langdriver also to Paradox China 936) because I'm not quite sure of the effect of such change.
    I need to do something, because some querys aren't stable (when I retreive all the fields of a table having Chinese characters in it (by doing a global check without specifying any criteria), the query works sometime and sometime it causes a Unexpected key violation error???).
    Can someone explain me what changes I should do?

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    Re: Paradox and Chinese

    I am not sure about Chinese language, but I work with Russian/English fields/tables. I set up in BDE both Configuration/Drivers/Native/PARADOX/LANGDRIVER and Configuration/System/INIT/LANGDRIVER to Paradox Cyrr 866. After that I haven't got problems with language in the tables, queries and other Paradox objects. I never specified table language creating a table.
    I guess there is no difference between Russian and Chinise language from this point of view.

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