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    Unanswered: Replicate from ACcess to SQL Server on Dialup

    Our application requires daily transfer of data from the remote locations (in MS Access) to the central server (SQL Server). The appllication is developed on VB.

    The remote locations would be inserting the data (to the tune of 3 MB/day). Data in the central server will also get modified. Transfer has to take care of to-and-fro flow of data.

    I understand that writing log files is the most common approach. DTS also could be useful. Any suggestion from someone who have come across a similar scenario is welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Probably the most robust way would be export the data from access to a text file, then copy across the dialup to the sql box, then import to sql via DTS.

    You probably could link direct over the dialup via dialup netowrking, it just depends on how robust the process has to be.

    We used to have to get data via a dial up radio link to an outback mining site in a monsoon weather area in australia once - lightning used to drop the link regularly so we perfected copying stuff efficiently .....

    Text files may be clunky, but it removes so many issues with reliability.


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