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Thread: vb and foxpro

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    Unanswered: vb and foxpro

    i am using the following statement to delete rows from a foxpro table via vb code:::

    g_dbsUNCRdoDb.Execute ("delete from mtdinvtx")

    the above statement marks the rows for deletion but doesn't actually remove the rows. i want to really remove the rows. does anyone know how to say "mark the rows and also remove them?"

    thank you in advance for your help,

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    pack command

    I'm not an expert - but maybe this can help - in foxpro, the delete command - like you said - only marks the records for deletion. To completely get rid of the record - you have to use the "pack" command. And incedentily - the database in foxpro must be used exclusively. I'm not sure how to input the commands through VB however. Hope this helps somewhat.

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    Crystal Report


    I developed a project in Visual Basic 6.o and report is design in crystal report 7.0, i had completed the development stage now i have to deploy the same in client machine, for that i had prepared a package include all necessary files which requires for the project. And i also install package at client machine successfully, but when i open the report for display throught project its display error message that run time error 20507, invalid file name. So pls help me out to run the crystal report through project package.

    Your help will very appreciated!!

    Kind regards,

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