I need to create a dimension(s) in analysis services which represent(s) multiple ragged hierarchies. ie I have 3+ different hierarchies which can contain the same low level member.
-International Derivatives
--Regional Futures
---Europe Futures
----Futures Instrument1
----Futures Instrument2
----Futures Instrument3
---USA Futures
----Futures Instrument7
----Futures Instrument9

-Domestic Derivatives
----Futures Instrument2
----Futures Instrument7
----Futures Instrument8
----Futures Instrument9
----Futures Instrument10
----Futures Instrument11

-----Futures Instrument2
-----Futures Instrument9
-----Futures Instrument10
-----Swaps Instrument1
-----Swaps Instrument2
-----Futures Instrument2
-----Futures Instrument4

My source data contains the above hierarchy in a parent child relationship table. However when I import it, I get an error that the child is not unique?

So how do I represent this in analysis services?

Will I need to create a dimension for each hierarchy ie one for International Derivatives, another for Domestic Derivatives and a third for Profit & Loss ??

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks