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    Hi all,

    a question : How can I see all the jobs in a instance ? How can I submit jobs ?

    The problem : I need to know everything about jobs, where can I read about ?


    Antonio Freitas

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    Look in the distributed transaction portion (or replication) of the documentation ... also look at the doc for dbms_job ...
    (dbms_job.submit ... to load jobs and give a schedule ... to run jobs now ... etc ...

    Jobs are located in dba_jobs ....

    sql> select owner,job, what from dba_jobs;


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    Hi ajfreitas,

    The DBMS_JOB package helps you to develop batch processes that run within the Oracle database. The job run must be a PL/SQL stored procedure. To set up the job in the job queue, you run the submit( ) procedure, while to get it out of the job queue, you can run remove( ). Jobs have a description, an interval or frequency of execution, and the next date defined for which they will run. These items can be changed individually with what( ), interval( ), and next_date( ), respectively. The more generalized change( ) procedure can be used to change any of these things as well. Jobs that fail upon execution are marked "broken" by Oracle, and will not run again until they are fixed. Alternately, you can stop a job from being run by breaking it manually with broken( ). Once the job is fixed, you force job execution with run( ). If the job runs successfully, Oracle marks the job as not broken anymore.

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