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    Unanswered: Access Project

    I'm not an expert but I have made a few access databases (just WYSIWYG designing) and they work fine.

    Now I have a database which should work like client/server application.
    I tried to stick with Access database (split to front-end and back-end and distributed over my network) but it has many parameter queries that work very slow or don't work at all.

    Then red some help files and I tried to upsize it. The upsize wizard made an Access project as front-end and SQL Server database as back-end. The tables, forms and simple queries are upsized and work fine but parameter queries can not be upsized (that what's the upsizing report said).

    So now I sould find either a way to "convert" those queries or to re-write them again. In some help file I read that the equivalent to parameter query (in access database) is stored procedure (in access project).
    In access help there is no real help on creating parameter query as stored procedure.
    Can someone tell me where can I find a good book or web site to learn writting stored procedures (or if there's a way to convert my parameter queries - that would be great)?

    Any help and advises are welcomed - even that I shold forget about it and go play with more simple things ;-)


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    Re: Access Project

    My friend, before you change your back-end, you should consider read the articles from
    (And its linke, of course!)

    My applications run in a Win 2000 Server based LAN, (10 clients).

    In the beggining, Ive considered changing back-end, but, as Ive seen those articles, I stoped.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks Mixirica,

    I'll surely read those articles and I'll reconsider upsizing my database!

    Thanks again

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