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    Unanswered: my.cnf optimizing MySQL

    Just wondering if anybody has a suggestion for tweaking the my.cnf file to reflect my server set-up.

    I'm running Dual pentium III 550, 1G Ram, mirrored 8G SCSI HD.

    Connections to the server are all through PHP about 90% SELECTS and 10% INSERTS/UPDATES.
    It is a college sports site so I get some pretty heavy traffic on game days the rest of the time it's moderate to semi-heavy.

    Currently I'm using the default settings but get major slow downs on game days.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi pelowe,

    You may or may not find the following discussion helpful...

    There is also plenty in the MySQL manual on configuration options.

    Our MySQL performance improved dramatically after tweaking the config settings.

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