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    Unanswered: ALTER Table Restart

    Trying to use sql to set the Restart values for an identity column using a value from another table. I tried:

    ALTER TABLE filename ALTER COLUMN fieldname RESTART WITH ( Select MAX(masterFieldID)+ 1 from masterFileName);

    It doesn't like the select, is there a way to do this in a script?

    Here was my attempt:

    Delete from CS_ContactX ;
    Insert Into CS_ContactX (ContactID) Values ( Select MAX(ContactID)+ 1 from CS_Contact) ;
    ALTER TABLE CS_ContactX ALTER COLUMN ContactID RESTART WITH ( Select MAX(ContactID)+ 1 from CS_Contact);
    Select * From CS_ContactX;
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    The ALTER TABLE ... RESTART WITH statement can only have a numeric constant. No subselects. You will have to do this programatically. Either an Stored procedure or an application.



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