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    Unanswered: restore database

    hi !
    pl tell me the solution.

    This is my database backup file . KALA.0.db2inst1.NODE0000.CATN0000.20031022214251.0 01

    ok now i want to restore this backup another db2 server.

    i don't have any information about backup file.
    i have only backfile.
    that file i want to restore now.
    but whiel restoreing database it will folllowing errors
    some times bad container path.

    for this error i chech the backup thorough follwing command

    db2ckrst -a KALA mr -t 0031022214251 -c
    accoring this out put i create all paths.

    in this database backup there are using /etc/raw/raw1 for one table space what is this?

    some times it will give follwing error.
    SQL0902C A system error (reason code = "2") occurred. Subsequent SQL
    statements cannot be processed. SQLSTATE=58005

    pl give me solution for this problem.

    this i s very much userful for us.

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    Try redirected Restore.


    Please try the redirected restore option that should help. Please also list down the details of your DB2 Version, fixpack and the operating systems, that would help us to help resolve your problem.



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