We have exciting news for you!

Pearl Knowledge Solutions is delighted to announce the release of SQLCentric 1.2.3 with Cluster Fail Over Support for SQL 2000! This long anticipated and sought after feature has finally arrived.

Our major enhancement to this release is the ability to monitor you SQL Server Clusters, and receive an alert if your SQL Server fails over to another node. In addition, when cluster support is turned on, your two SQLCentric views (SQLCentric.htm and SQLGroups.htm) will be slightly modified to reflect the status of your clusters.

An added column called Cluster Status will appear on these main views. When your cluster status is normal, a green light will appear; when a node fails over, a red light will appear. If your SQL Server is not involved in a cluster, a simple unobtrusive clear status light will be seen.

When you drill-down on Cluster Status, you will be directed to the Server Properties page. On the upper-left hand side will appear the nodes involved in the cluster, including its current status of the active and failed over SQL Server node, indicating which node has failed. The name of the failed node will also appear in the email alert notification.

There will be NO additional cost for Cluster Fail over support, but licensing will be per node. To use this feature, proper licensing must be acquired from Pearl Knowledge Solutions.

In addition, we have now created the Fire Call Alert notification for the SQLCentric Master SQL Server. When SQLCentric cannot connect to the designated Master SQL Server, all Email Admins, will receive a Notification Alert. When it comes back on-line, you will be notified as well.

For your convenience, we've modified the 'Previous Page' link to the 'Main Page Link', which takes you back to the main page from any drill-down view. Some other minor revisions were also made. Please check out the v.1.2.3 ReadMe for a full list of details.

If you have recently downloaded SQLCentric v.1.21, you are eligible for the upgrade to v.1.2.3. If you wish to upgrade from an earlier version, or are a first time visitor, you must acquire the new 1.2.3 deployment package.

SQLCentric, is a fully functional Web-based MSSQL-Centric Network Database Monitoring & Alert System which is deployed on your company’s corporate intranet. See our previous announcement on DBForums: http://dbforums.com/t846879.html

We have been trying to convey to our audience the ease of use and configuration of SQLCentric, and now it's easy as 1-2-3!

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