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    Arrow Free Project & Job Find for Freelancers!

    free job forums for freelancers

    Actively seeking both Freelancers and Employers

    We would like to invite you to take a gander at the new FJF.
    We have made a complete overhaul, and as you'll see when viewing
    the new design and format, a lot of things have changed. Let's Go There!

    Some of these changes are:

    Employer Accounts.
    Resume input fields.
    Top skill and Employment Status titles.
    Advanced Buddy PM System.
    Portal System with adjustable dynamic boxes.
    Advanced BBCode.
    Business Card System.
    Many new advanced board settings.
    Our very own A.I. Bot by the name of Selene.
    Change over from VBForums to InvisionBoard.
    Let's Go There!

    In tune with both sides of the coin, FJF is entirely run by seasoned freelancers.
    Knowing the needs of both the Freelancer and the Employer, we have put
    our best efforts forward in synergizing the bridge between these two.
    We feel we have accomplished this. Let's Go There!

    Freelance Job Forums is not only a place to find projects and freelance
    assistance, it's also a community; A place to discuss the business of doing
    business; A place to congregate, share and influence ideas and critiques
    on current and future projects; A place to gain advice, tips and strategies
    on freelancing as a living. Let's Go There!

    We welcome your input on any changes and/or additions
    you feel would benefit your freelance and employment needs.

    See you at FJF!

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