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    Unanswered: Deadlocks problem when database files growing

    We are running a very busy SQL Server 2000 Enterprise in the cluster "passive active" environment. Hundreds of transactions are going through and all of them are
    logged in to a special database we've created. For an each real transaction we are getting around 10 records inserted in to this database.
    I found that whenever the database grows its files, especially the log file, we're getting a lot of deadlocks which we are able to resolve only by failing over to another node.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Is this a recent problem of a long term issue?
    Sounds like an application design issue.....I doubt he growing logfiles would cause the problem - they would just be a symptom of how busy the system is. Also, if the logs grow really quickly, its possible the app is holding open tables etc too long and then causing the deadlocks. Shorter tansactuions may help. I have used locking hint TABLOCKX to get around a lot of problems, but it MAY NOT be the best solution for you. Sounds very application specific............

    I assume you have plenty of disk space for the TEMPDB and the database files?

    More info / background would be useful.



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