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    Unanswered: Problems in redrawing fields in form

    Hi all,

    with MSAccess2000 i've made a form with columns based on a union query and am stuck by this problem:
    on PCs with Win98 or WinME operative systems the form works fine.
    on Asus notebooks with Win2K the form works fine.
    On a PC with Win2K the form has problems in redrawing text fields; if, while the form is open, other forms are executed, when the form is activated again (thus it is redrawn) two fields in text boxes (let's say field1 and field2) are filled with the 'ERROR' string if they have been redrawn (text fields not covered by other forms are ok). No other element of the page (buttons, text, etc. ) has problems. All the other text fields are properly shown.
    Field1: TotAcc: IIf(IsNull([Acc]);0;[Acc])
    Field2: Rimanenza: [TotFatt]-[TotAcc]-[TotPaid]

    Field TotPaid is not in the form, just in the underlying query
    TotPaid: IIf(IsNull([FinalVal]);0;[FinalVal])

    data type for both fields: Currency (set to Euro on all machines)

    I'd like to understand what causes the Error message and how to avoid it in the future.
    Is it a problem of Windows 2000 API or something in the international settings for the currency data type?

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    Just forgot to add that we are using Office 2K on all PCs.
    The one which has problem has win2k but no SP installed yet. No Office Service Pack installed either.


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