I have problems with printing PLT files on HP LaserJet printer. In fact, I do not know how to include HP-GL/2 code from PLT files in my clipper code.

Maybe it would be easier to send PRN code from my Clipper code, but I still do not know how?

I start with:

? CHR(27)+"E" // reset
? CHR(27)+"*c0F" // delete fonts
? CHR(27)+"&l26A" // paper A4
? CHR(27)+"&l0O" // portrait
? CHR(27)+"(17U" // 852 character code
? CHR(27)+"&l1X" // no. of copies
? CHR(27)+"&l142U" // left margin
? CHR(27)+"(s1p11v0s4b4362T" // font
? CHR(27)+"&a0R" // start

// and here I want to print my signature (handwrited)
? CHR(27)+"&a42R"
cUkaz := "copy /B signature.prn" ???

Any easy solution?

Best regards!