Sybase Australia User Group Meeting 6th Nov '03 - Sybase presents HA demo
Date: 06th Nov '03 - 6:00PM at Sybase office in North Sydney
Pizzas and Drinks will be supplied.
Ph: (02) 9936 8800

Sekher Seshadri & Luke Winters of Sybase Support Services will be presenting High Availability and Demo.

Sybase HA -
In order to cater to the need of high availability of data to the end user, Sybase offers High Availability of Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) on two or more nodes configured as a part of the High Availability cluster, with necessary hardware and subsystem.

The objective of this presentation is to highlight the key features of Sybase Active-Active and Active-Passive High Availability solutions to maximise the data availability.

The presentation covers Failover and Failback concepts, Client connections during failover and failback.

The presentation is enhanced by a demo of Sybase High availabiity - setup and operation on Sun Solaris running Sun Cluster 3.0 HA Subsystem.