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    Unanswered: Check boxes and reports

    Hi All!

    I have written a litterature database (in Acess 2000) covering research about alcohol- and drugrelated problems.

    Now I want end users to be able to select records in the database by clicking on of several check-boxes (each representing a special symtom or problemarea) having a report from that choise.

    How in all the world can I write code so that my application will accept
    single - or multiple - search criteria from checked boxes.

    I am so thankful for all tips I can get.


    / Anders

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    If your checkBoxes on a for called F_Start and they are called chk_1, chk_2, .... then on your report you can make IFs or SELECT statements

    For example:
    IF FORMS("F_Start").chk_1 and FORMS("F_Start").chk_2 then
    what 2 do if both are checked

    elseif FORMS("F_Start").chk_1 and FORMS("F_Start").chk_2=False then
    waht 2 do if 1 is checked and 2 is not

    elseif FORMS("F_Start").chk_1=false and FORMS("F_Start").chk_2 then
    waht 2 do if 2 is checked and 1 is not

    elseif NOT FORMS("F_Start").chk_1 AND NOT FORMS("F_Start").chk_2 then

    waht 2 do if both are not checked

    ' or Simply ELSE


    Hope that what you need

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    if you have many optional things, the only sane way to do it is by constructing some SQL.

    dim strSQL as string
    strSQL = "SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE 1=1" 'thanks rudy!

    if chkbox1 then
    strSQL = strSQL & " AND [whatever] = true"

    if not isnull(thisTextBox) then
    strSQL = strSQL & " AND [something] ='" & thisTextBox & "'"

    if not isnull(thatCombo) then
    strSQL = strSQL & " AND [that] = thatCombo"

    'and so on for each optional thing
    'don't forget the space before each AND

    strSQL = strSQL & " ORDER BY [this];"

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    Tricky problems with checkboxes

    OK and thanks!

    I partly understand your code but I need clarifications, if you don’t mind:

    Say I have three checkboxes on a form (representing/describing three symptoms).

    I have a query representing those three checboxes and then additional fields/variables (Cause1,Cause2 …CauseX … etc).

    I want the user to check any combination of the checkboxes on the form and get a report of possible combination of causes to the described symptoms (i.e.combination of checkboxes).

    So how do I apply your code to this problem and where do I put it – do I activate “report” and then “code” and put the result in there? OR ?

    YES - I am a newbie.....

    Anyway - your code is below….would it be possible for you to apply it more to my problem above..

    If not – I am thankful for what you already gave me.

    All the best/

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