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    Question Unanswered: Sort order swedish едц

    I have a table with a lot of customers that should be sorted A-÷ (swedish) the trouble is that д and е comes after a and ц comes after o.
    The sort order in the db is Swedish/Finnish.
    I have a lot of linked tables and files the linked tables comes from a db with Swedish/Finnish sort order.

    When I copy the customer table to a empty database and run the query the sorting is correct???

    Does anybody have idea??

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    Re: Sort order swedish едц

    Your original database was probably created with the incorrect sort order (not Swedish) and than later the sort order in Access was changed to Swedish/Finish. The new setting applies to all *new* databases you create *after* the change, but you can't alter the sort order in an existing database. That is way the sort order is correct in a new database but stays incorrect in the orginal one.

    The soultion would be to create a new database with the correct sort order and then to import all data and objects form the original database. But this may not work, if the original database was populated with data on a machine with the incorrect character set. Just an example: a german keyboard contains the ÷ character, but I am not sure it has the same character value as the ÷ character in the swedish character set.

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