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    Unanswered: LINUX-CLIENT: Error loading PvNetPass resource bundle


    I'm installing Pervasive.SQL-Client-8.50-189.000.i486.tar.gz on a Gentoo-linux machine. All required software (ie. kernel, iodbc, pam, ... ), is installed. After setting the environment-variables correctly (ldpath, manpath, path and rootpath),running the script and pvclientcfg work just fine.

    But once I try pvnetpass (with any parameter specified), I get the following error: "Error loading PvNetPass resource".

    Could somebody help me out?!

    Kind regards,

    Maurits Billiet

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    Re: LINUX-CLIENT: Error loading PvNetPass resource bundle

    What happens if you issue the following command first:
    su psql

    If you then run pvnetpass, does it work?
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