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    Unhappy Unanswered: ODBC adaptive server anywhere 8.0

    This is my first time useing adaptive server anywhere and i'm having trouble loading sql script through the command line. I can start up a database that i created through command line but i am unable to load scripts and run them without using the interactive sql window.

    1) for example i start my database with the following command.

    >dbeng8.exe -n Icodes "path\Icodes.db"

    2) then i try running a simple "filename.sql" scipt on the database server that i just opened. (It ways give me an error saying i'm not connected to the database. )

    >dbisql -ODBC -c "uid=***;pwd=***" filename.sql

    if i remove the file name as the last argument the interactive window opens and i can run my scipt mannually but i was wondering if it is possible to do this in an automated way. thank you.
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