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    Unanswered: VB6 TO Connect to Access 97 Database

    I have on my laptop a project that I am working for work; a side thing. A while back I took a VB class and used this laptop for that class. While working on the program, I used teh following to connect to the database:

    Dim myDB as Database
    Dim.... etc

    After typing "Dim myDB As" the drop down box would show and there was Database.

    Now, I am finding myself wanting to transfer the project to my home desktop machine in the eveings. I have VB 6 with SP5 installed. However, when I compile, i get an error at the Dim myDB as Database line. Also, if I type Dim myDB As" the dropdown box appears, but DATABASE is not in there. Can someone help me?? Why is this? I tried to do a search on the site, but nothing came up explaining the problem. I read something about a Reference needing to be added, but I have no clue about that.

    Also, after doing a search of this site, I have seen many things concerning ADO, RDO, ODBC, etc, etc. Is there a good book out there that will break down the pro's and cons of each in layman's terms? Thanks.

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    Look at Project->References on your laptop and you should see a reference selected with something like "Microsoft DAO" ... On your desktop, you will need to select this reference and you will have the "database" object.

    If you are only working with access databases then you can continue to use the DAO version. If you use other databases then you should research ADO.

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    There are a lot of good books about ADO on or Search topic = ADO.

    This makes sence if you'll have important projects involving solid RDBMSs, like Oracle, MSSQL or the like.


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